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If you've always had problems with your skin, let the professionals take a look and help you come up with a solution to clear it up.


At Cariangel, not only do we have skin care services (like facials and microdermabrasion) but we also have skin care products you can bring home to maintain your skin.

Get flawless skin

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Don't wait another minute - get started on the road to a more beautiful you!


As a female, there is tremendous pressure to be perfect and hairless. However, very few women (if any) are naturally hairless.


Stop trying to pluck or wax your hair at home by yourself and let us laser the hair off. It's a much more efficient process, not to mention also less painful!

Remove unwanted body hair

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Whether you wish to eliminate a step in your makeup regimen or want to accentuate the best features of your face, permanent makeup is a good option.


Permanent makeup can help give you fuller eyelashes and lips, as well as cover up any ugly or embarrassing scars.

Enhance your facial features

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"Carrie Pataky has been an active advocate for cancer awareness and has worked with cancer survivors since 2005.  Carrie has obtained an array of recognition from television, newspapers, magazine and other news worthy mediums for the work she has done.  In 2010 Carrie joined the Yonkers Relay for Life as the Survivorship Chair holder as well as developed a fundraising team while hosting the survivors booth.  Through her fundraising efforts, Carrie was the highest fundraiser and her team which she formed was also the highest fundraiser, so that was great that she raised money for that effort.  Her most gratifying recognition is to be able to do work that she does and allow women to feel whole again."

- Mayor Mike Spano

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Cariangel's is an owner operated private facility dedicated to providing the most effective treatments and skincare products available with the highest level of care.

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