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Carrie Pataky
Owner/Operator of Cariangel's Total Laser, Spa & Skincare

by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano
 2013 Woman Of Distinction
Presented on the 5th day of March, 2013

"As many of you know, March is Women's History Month and it was first recognized back in 1911 as the first woman's day and then in 1987 when Congress officially declared March National Women's History Month.  It is now our responsibility to live out the intentions of this recognition and to honor those who have come before us, who have paved the way and those women who live amongst us and make our world a better place, each and every day.  Today we honor those unsung heroes  of Yonkers, the women who give of themselves to our communities each and every day, to our children, seniors, neighborhoods and to our civic associations.  In honor of Women's History Month, we are gathered here to honor for the first time by the City of Yonkers, that would be the Mayors office along with the City Council, women, who's distinct achievements have improved the lives and who's impact have changed Yonkers for the better.  These women have demonstrated, excellence, leadership, integrity within their community serving as role models for successful woman all across our region.   I am pleased to stand before you today in honor of Yonkers very own Women of Distinction, 2013."
~Mayor Mike Spano

"Carrie Pataky has been an active advocate for cancer awareness and has worked with cancer survivors since 2005.  Carrie  has obtained an array of recognition from television, newspapers, magazine and other news worthy mediums for the work she has done.  In 2010 Carrie joined the Yonkers Relay for Life as the Survivorship Chair holder as well as developed a fundraising team while hosting the survivors booth.  Through her fundraising efforts, Carrie was the highest fundraiser and her team which she formed was also the highest fundraiser, so that was great that she raised money for that effort.  Her most gratifying recognition is to be able to do work that she does and allow women to feel whole again.  She was chosen as recipient of Woman of Distinction award because of those efforts and that hard work.  I've heard some of the stories.  Perhaps she will share some of them.  She is truly someone who is worthy of this award." 
~Mayor Mike Spano