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  • Pregnant/Nursing – Pregnancy hormones affect your blood circulation, and they make you more likely to bleed. Excess bleeding may lead to subpar retention results since it could fade the pigment or impact its absorption into the skin.
    It is also deemed dangerous to the baby since it is unknown if pigment gets into our bloodstream. Also, if an infection occurs, that does affects the bloodstream and it could be harmful to the pregnancy and harmful to the baby.
  • Chemotherapy and Radiation full treatments – prophylactic chemotherapy is generally safe to proceed.

  • Permanent Makeup Before Chemotherapy – It is possible to have PMU before or after the chemotherapy, but never during. Some people prefer to get PMU before the therapy begins. That way, it will be easier for them to deal with eyebrow hair loss – it won’t be noticeable. If you decide to get it before the chemo, bear in mind that you will have to need the touch-up 6-8 weeks later. Also, the brows need to heal after the touch-up, too, which takes another 2 weeks. So, in total, two months before the chemotherapy is a good time to get PMU. If you get PMU 2 weeks or less before the chemo, the therapy can affect retention. Also, the touch-up will have to be postponed until after the therapy. Not all cancer patients are the same. There are different types of cancers, so they will not react to PMU in the same way. The best option is to check with the doctor and find out when it is safe to get your eyebrows.
  • PMU After Chemotherapy – If you decide to get PMU after chemotherapy, it is recommended to wait at least 8 weeks for your system to recover and rest. You need to be off all meds long enough for your immune system to get strong enough. Most PMU artists will ask you to wait even longer, to make sure it is safe to get the treatment. Always consult your oncologist before booking. It’s important to remember that it’s never recommended to undergo this treatment during chemo, as the tissue is very sensitive, and thus the bleeding can be much worse, which can lead to more infections.
  • Active dermatologic disorder, i.e. rosacea, eczema, psoriasis – Individuals with any kind of skin condition on or near the treatment area eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, or any one of these skin conditions may compromise the surface and texture of the skin. Procedures performed on skin with these types of conditions may have subpar results.


  • Sick with Flu/Fever – Being sick, like a cold, flu, etc. will affect the healing process. It can also make you sicker since your body’s resistance is compromised.There is a risk that the PMU could be infected with the herpes virus. If herpes is active, anywhere on the face, it can cause herpes to spread to another area of the face.

  • Active Herpes anywhere on the face – There is a risk that the PMU could be infected with the herpes virus. If herpes is active, anywhere on the face, it can cause herpes to spread to another area of the face.


Growth Serums – Off for 2 weeks
There are ingredients in the growth serums that can induce melanocytes which can create hyperpigmentation which can be caused by trauma to the skin. It also increases blood flow to the follicles which can cause excessive bleeding as well as color alteration

Botox – 2-4 weeks
Botox as well as Dysport need time to work and set in. If you tattoo someone’s eyebrows right before or right after they get either of these injections, since it takes up to 2 weeks for it to set it, there is a big chance that the Botox can settle unevenly and it will affect the placement of the brows

Accutane – 1 year full does or 6 months with half dose or prophylactic
Accutane alters the skin and makes it thin, dry, and sensitive. It also weakens your immune system. For those reasons you’ll need to do one year after your Accutane treatment is completed and your skin is back to its normal state.

Suntanned Skin – 1 Month
Sunburned or Suntanned skin is damaged skin and therefore will cause excessive bleeding as well as flaking. We CANNOT work on sunburned or suntanned skin. You want your client to be out of the sun, and rid of their sunburn or tanned skin for 2 weeks.

Retinols etc. – 4 Weeks
The above products are all very likely to cause drastic fading of pigment and the client may need a color boost far sooner than expected. Use of these products thins the skin and increases sensitivity – This can lead to bleeding, scarring or slow healing if a client uses this ingredient prior to treatment. We would suggest asking clients to avoid this ingredient (and the others listed below) for up to 30 days before the appointment

Laser (skin treatment) – 8 Weeks
IPL – 1 Week
Laser that removed old permanent makeup – 8 Weeks
These treatments can make your skin thinner and more sensitive, resulting in more bleeding which can affect color retention.

Shingles Vaccine & C Vaccine 1 Month
The shingles and COVID vaccine has a strain on the immune system and the body needs time and strength to build immunity. During this process, your immune system is much more alert and will react more aggressively to any changes or trauma. The vaccines could also weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infections.


Heart Valves, Stents, Pacemakers, Rheumatic Fever medical clearance and premedication
Anyone who has a heart condition that has resulted in a heart valve, stent, pacemaker,or rheumatic fever,we know that clients with this issue can be prone to getting infections of the lining of the heart (endocarditis).

Organ transplants – medical clearance and premedication
Anyone who has had an organ transplant is at risk of having their organ rejected if an infection occurs do to any tattooing.

Joint Replacements – medical clearance and premedication
Anyone who has had a joint replacement is at risk of having their joint replacement rejected if an infection occurs due to any tattooing.

Insulin Dependent Diabetics – medical clearance and premedication
Abnormally high levels of blood glucose (diabetes) could delay healing of the tattooed skin and increase the risk of infection.

Shingles history – medical clearance and premedication
If you have ever had shingles in the brow or near the eye area, permanent makeup will not be performed as the procedure can cause a flare-up

Seizures – medical clearance
Medical clearance is suggested because you want to be sure that the patient is under control with medication and that doing a procedure will not trigger a seizure.

Blood Thinners, steroids – medical clearance
The use of steroids may impair healing and must not be used for 6 weeks prior to the treatment. The use of blood thinners can thin the clients’ blood so that they over bleed. It can also cause bruising of the skin

Lupus – medical clearance and premedication
The risk of developing an infection is higher in people with compromised immune system

Herpes premedication
There is a risk that the PMU could be infected with the herpes virus. If herpes is active, anywhere on the face, it can cause herpes to spread to another area of the face. If a client is receiving LIP tattooing and has a history of herpes, they will need premedication for the procedure.